Piotr Sikora - text about exhibition The Sixth Wave, 2015

The Sixth Wave
An exhibition by Jana Babincová

The Sixth Wave, or, maybe, the sixth sense? Asking herself about the nature and the visual outcome of a psychedelic experience, Jana Babincová has been developing a project based on the method of the free dance. The idea was born when she took part in several workshops where she was following an intuitive movement that allows you to discover a different approach toward your body and mind. The unique technique of free dance has been described, established and practiced around the world as one of the common ways to understand ones mental and physical condition. Free dance format is based on the phenomenon of five rhythms devoted to different idioms as: 'lyric', 'staccato' or 'chaos'. All together they are creating a wave that is the main tool in the so-called Movement Medicine – a process of healing yourself through the dance.

In the exhibition Jana Babincová established herself as a translator who builds the connection between the natural movement and the abstract shapes. The experiment is coded into visual forms and the dance starts to be visible and readable through geometric art pieces. Preparing the exhibition we wanted to emphasize and illustrate the process itself of transforming the chaos of dance into some kind of visual order that could be a way to understand the mystic trigger within the free dance method.

We were truly pleased to work in the academic context of Galerie Makráč to present a project that flirts with science and goes beyond its traditional terms.

Piotr Sikora