Karina Kottová - text about exhibition Suchy bod 2012

Jana Babincová - Suchy Bod

The inspiration for the project „Suchy Bod - Dry Point“ /the pun of the restaurants chain Sushi Point/ was an interconnection of art and food. Two humans obscessions are here connected – passion for art and passion for a good food.

„We are what we eat, and we are also, what we do...“

Babincová created a huge wall painting of sushi, that should evoke the feeling of „beeing inside the roll“. The coloured facets represent transformed information about ingredients and their nutritious and energetical value. The taste of them is coded into colours according to the principles of synesthesia. The author prepeared also the real meal – vegetarian sushi – light, nutritious, energetically valuable food, that is usually offered only in very expensive restaurants. Sushi is also a little art piece that inspires other artist, for example Anna Hulačova in her project Kimpa in 2010. Jana Babincová created the multisensorical experience, that is konceptional and „tasty“ at the same time.